There are many reasons why you should buy rather than rent. Maybe it makes sense to buy now because your credit report is in good shape, or because your job is finally secure.

You may want to buy so that you’ll have something to borrow against, for large upcoming expenses (like a college education or a wedding). Or you may want to buy simply for the empowering feeling of independence and freedom. When you need help, you hire the best.

When you choose Tom and Robin Dibuono, you are choosing two REALTORS® who are part of a strong team— a team boasting more than 35 years of real estate knowledge, a team with a commitment to use the latest technologies to help its clients and customers, and a team that puts YOU (and your new home) first.

What we’ll do for you.

  • determine your financial picture, and determine your buying power
  • use all of the resources available to help you find the right home
  • assist you in the selection process by providing objective information about each property
  • help you negotiate your offer to purchase a home
  • guide you through the closing process to make sure that everything is completed to your satisfaction
  • help you understand the local housing market and just what’s available
  • screen houses for you, so that you stay within your price range
  • help you understand pricing and the value of certain amenities
  • negotiate for you, so that you get the best price on the home of your choice
  • make sure that your new home has all of the appropriate inspections, to protect you
  • clearly explain all of the various financing methods that are available to you

Additionally, you’ll get

  • one-stop shopping for mortgages, title insurance, homeowner’s insurance and settlement services
  • access to the best and most appropriate lender
  • access to all of the homes for sale in the area you choose

When you’re ready to buy, contact us and we’ll get you moving.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Buy With Confidence with William E. Wood and Associates 100% Money Back Guarantee

If the buyer of a guaranteed home listed by William E. Wood and Associates is not satisfied, we will buy back the home for 100% of its purchased price.*

*Certain restrictions apply.